REIKUN-Dome is a simple smoking device that allows you to easily infuse foods
with smoky flavors on your tabletop, without the use of heat.

We were responsible for everything from the planning phase to the design and prototype development.
The unit is designed to be compact and safe for tabletop use, and it features an enjoyable visual effect where smoke flows from the top

This product is designed to separate the heat generated by the smoked wood to the top and the smoke to the bottom.
The flow of smoke in this product will be a new treat at the dining table.

All you have to do is turn on the main unit and light the smoked wood in the wood tray at the top.
Ingredients that do not want to be heated, such as sashimi, cured ham, and half-boiled eggs,
can also be smoked by cold-smoking without transferring heat.

Client : UPQ Inc. 
Product design : Kunihiko Nakata

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