Black Hole Recorder
Useless Prototyping Studio

Black Hole Recorder is a conceptual information storage device for the future, envisioned in collaboration with scientists, based on black hole technology.
It was unveiled as the inaugural prototype of the 'Useless Prototyping Studio' project, an initiative that aims to visualize the potential of creating the future through sparking curiosity in the unknown. Our firm was responsible for the design aesthetics of the project.

Black Hole Recorder は、ブラックホールのテクノロジーを科学者と想像した、未来の情報ストレージデバイスです。
 一見役に立たないプロトタイプで未知への好奇心が未来をつくる可能性を可視化するプロジェクト「Useless Prototyping Studio」の

The Black Hole Recorder is a speculative prototype that imagines the possibilities of how research into the storage of information within black holes could potentially lead to high-capacity information storage solutions in the distant future.
This device features a horn designed to mimic the curvature of spacetime around black holes, which collects sound for recording and playback within an artificial black hole. The device is designed based on fictional black hole engineering.


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