DSP-Vela / Dorado

"SFORZATO" a high-end network audio manufacturer, has revamped the design of its DSP series of products in celebration of its 10th anniversary.
By defining the design concept for the new DSP series and creating a sense of unity across the entire lineup,
SFORZATO aim to further enhance the brand's image of high-quality and stable sound.

ハイエンド向けネットワークオーディオメーカー"SFORZATO" が10年を迎える節目として、DSPシリーズの製品群のデザインを刷新しました。

Inspired by SFORZATO's goal of creating sound, we sought a design that would become SFORZATO's brand identity.
The new designs of the DSP-Vela, Dorado and Pavo are as elegant yet powerful as the sound SFORZATO aims to create.

優美さとその中にアクセントとなる力強さを持つ造形で、DSP-Vela / Dorado / Pavoの計3製品のデザインを展開しました。

Client : SFORZATO Corp.
Product design : Kunihiko Nakata

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