DSP-050 Network Audio

In order to further promote the SFORZATO brand to the European market, we designed the chassis for a new lineup of network audio players.
We made a conscious effort to create a different design from the previous models to make a strong impression as an entry model,
but at the same time, we also tried to maintain the brand identity by taking advantage of the smooth curves of the front panel of the previous models.


The shape of this product expresses the elegance of the SFORZATO product
that enhances the high quality sound while setting it apart from the classical shape of audio players. 
It was released at HIGH END 2018 Munich and is now available for sale to European countries.

HIGH END 2018 Munich にてリリースされ、欧州各国に向けて販売をスタートしています。

Client : SFORZATO Corp.   (Web site)
Product design : Kunihiko Nakata

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