Picklestone is a new type of tsukemono container that fits the modern dining table. It can be stored in the pocket of the refrigerator.
Based on the concept of introducing a new beginning to the traditional Japanese cuisine of tsukemono, we designed,mass-produced, and sold this product. 
The use of different materials such as glass, wood, and stone in combination gives the product a sense of luxury that is perfect for gifts. 
The design and concept have been well received, and the crowdfunding has achieved about 1400% of the goal.


After crowdfunding, we worked to establish a mass production system. 
As a result of our efforts, we are able to sell our products to a wide range of department stores and mass merchandisers all over Japan, and many of our customers have been received our product.
The stone is made of aji stone from Mure-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. By adopting the traditional Japanese stone crafts, we are also contributing to the traditional Japanese crafts.


Client : HARMONIQUA Inc. 
Product design, Mass production : Kunihiko Nakata

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