This is a new type of tsukemono container that fits the modern dining table.It can be stored in the pocket of the refrigerator. Based on the concept of introducing a new beginning to the traditional Japanese cuisine of tsukemono, we designed,mass-produced, and sold this product. The use of different materials such as glass, wood, and stone in combination gives the product a sense of luxury that is perfect for gifts. The design and concept have been well received, and the crowdfunding has achieved about 1400% of the goal.
現代の食卓に合い、冷蔵庫のポケットに収納できる新しい形の漬物容器です。 漬物という日本の伝統的な料理に新たなとっかかりをあたえるというコンセプトの元、デザイン・設計・量産・販売までを一貫して行いました。 ガラス・木・石といった異素材を組み合わせて使うことで、贈り物としても選ばれる高級感を製品に与え、そのデザイン性とコンセプトが好評を得てクラウドファンディングでは達成目標の約1400%を達成しています。
After crowdfunding, we worked to establish a mass production system. As a result of our efforts, we are able to sell our products to a wide range of department stores and mass merchandisers all over Japan, and many of our customers have been received our product.
The stone is made of aji stone from Mure-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. By adopting the traditional Japanese stone crafts, we are also contributing to the traditional Japanese crafts.
Client : HARMONIQUA Inc. 
Product design, Mass production : Kunihiko Nakata

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