It is a music player application that pursues the UI that provides a new user experience.
The movement of the water droplets expresses the progress bar, and by tilting the smartphone's body to move the water droplets, you can fast forward and rewind.

We aimed at a UI design that uses an intuitive motif and gives an emotional feel to its movement. We developed the application for both iOS and Android devices while repeatedly considering how to implement it to look like a water drop.
直感的に扱えるモチーフを活かしつつ、その所作に情緒性を感じさせるUIデザインを目指しています。 水滴らしく見えるような実装の検討を繰り返しながら、iOS・Androidそれぞれの端末向けにアプリケーションを開発しました。
Competition : EMI MUSIC JAPAN (web)
UI design : Kunihiko Nakata

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