"Notebook for Black and White Writing" is made of gray paper that can be used to write black and white letters.
Based on the concept that won the merit award at the Kokuyo Design Awards 2018, the design has been brushed up for the product and is now on sale.
The use of different text colors against the background color is a common practice in computers and smartphones now.
In order to embody this inspiration, the size of the notebook is 16:10, which is a ratio commonly used on computer screens when it is opened.
Kokuyo's bookbinding technology helps the notebook open flat, making it a tool for expanding ideas beyond the boundaries of digital and analog.

When someone reads a series of black letters and then switches to white letters, they have to change visual channels.
By using two different colors, you can concentrate on one color at a time when reading.
Use this effect to highlight important parts, indicate additional information, add light and shadow to illustrations, and more.
“Monochrome Notebook” takes advantage of the limits of human vision to bring forth new uses for notebooks.

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Concept and Design Direction : Kunihiko Nakata

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